Type 316lvm and 316L stainless steel performance Competition

DateTime: 17-05-2

surgical grade 316lvm stainless steel cold worked sheet for catheters composition

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Type 316L Stainless Steel is an improved corrosion resistant Chrome-Nickel steel alloy with a high content of Molybdenum. The material is non-magnetic, even after several cold forming operations. Type 316L is not a typical freemachining grade and therefore not recommended for difficult high speed machining. It is austenitic Stainless Steel for implants, with high corrosion resistance, according to ISO 5832/1, F-138 Vacuum melt grade (VAR). Type 316L is used for surgical instruments, fracture fixation devices, screws for implants and many more similar applications.

chemical composition

C ≤ 0.030% Mn ≤ 2.00% Si ≤ 0.75% P ≤ 0.025% S ≤ 0.010% N ≤ 0.10% Cu ≤ 0.50% Ni = 13 to 15%

Cr = 17.0 to 19.0% Mo = 2.25 to 3.00% Fe = balance

316L VM Stainless Steel, often referred to as surgical grade stainless steel or implant grade stainless steel, is our most commonly sold medical stainless steel. Breaking down the name, this is a low-carbon version of 316 that has been either electro slag remelted or vacuum arc remelted to reduce impurities.

Can provide product form and specifications

● cold-drawn bar: Specifications: Φ0.6 ~ 60mm, dimensional tolerance: ± 0.01 ~ ± 0.1mm;

● high-precision bright bar: Specifications: Φ0.6 ~ 60mm, dimensional tolerances: H7 ~ H9;

● hot-rolled bar: Specifications: Φ6 ~ 100mm, dimensional tolerance: ± 0.15 ~ ± 0.30mm;

● cold-rolled steel plate: Specifications: Φ1.0 ~ 6.5mm, dimensional tolerance: -0.15mm, +0.1 ~ 0.25mm;

● solid-melt wire: Specifications: Φ0.1 ~ 1.2mm, dimensional tolerance: ± 0.01 ~ ± 0.02mm.

Another for a variety of curved plate, pipe, square steel, hexagonal rods and semi-finished products such as orthopedic screws.

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