RMB rebound in early trading rebound in the French general election positions left

DateTime: 17-05-3

RMB against the dollar spot Friday (April 21) rebound in early trading, the central parity to continue to adjust.
Traders said that due to the weekend will be held in France election, and there are some variables, many positions began to leave. There are also some self-owned to RMB bulls. At the same time, still do not think the exchange rate will be out of the volatility range.
Traders pointed out that since the British off Europe, the US general election polls are a significant deviation, the market is also concerned about the accuracy of the French general election polls, some positions ahead of departure.
RMB against the US dollar on the day to close at 6.8835, the final disk at the end of 6.884. Today, the central parity of RMB against the US dollar 6.8823, 6.8792 on the day. Renminbi against the dollar spot turnover of 12.127 billion US dollars, the day and day for the 12.117 billion US dollars.
Overseas non-deliverable forward foreign exchange (NDF) market, the dollar / RMB one-year varieties reported at 7.0635, the last day was 7.0565. Hong Kong’s offshore RMB against the dollar at 6.8805, with the on-shore spot price difference of 3 points, the last trading day late reported 6.8838.
Global currency markets, the euro / dollar held steady at three weeks above the top, investors wait for the first round of the French presidential election on Sunday. And on the eve of the French election, a shooting incident in Paris, led to the death of a French police, the incident was identified as a terrorist attack.

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