Medical Titanium And Titanium Alloy Materials vs 316lvm stainless steel material

DateTime: 17-05-2

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By the 1930s, Dr. Wilhelm Kroll began using magnesium to process pure metallic titanium.

The Kroll process allowed for the widespread commercial creation of titanium and, by the 1940s, titanium became the material of choice for the Department of Defense.

To this day, titanium remains one of few metals capable of meeting the high standards required by modern aerospace applications.

Because of this, the aerospace industry is among the largest purchasers of raw titanium and titanium products — purchasing nearly 11% of all titanium alloy.

SUS316LVM, this alloy for medical grade applications, vacuum melting can achieve a very high level of purity and cleanliness, which is used in surgical transplantation. In the physiological environment has good resistance, but also the general corrosion between the grain, pit-type corrosion, crevice corrosion resistance.
As a result of good surface polishing, can also be applied to high-precision electronic equipment.

Benefits of Titanium

Titanium’s most important benefit is its low weight or, more specifically, its excellent weight-to-strength ratio. A material’s weight-to-strength is determined by dividing its strength (as measured by force per area at failure) by its density.


1. How many countries have you exported to?

We have exported our products to over 30 countries, mainly in Asia, Europe and South America.

2. Do you provide free samples?

Yes, through the international express, like UPS, AHL, TNT.

3.Do you have mill test certificate?

Yes, we have, we can guarantee the quality of our product.

4.Can we visit your company?

Yes, welcome to visit our company.

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If the deficiency of the product is our fault, we will take responsibilities to change0 it and take on the shipping fees.

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Yes, we are verified by ISO9008:2001.


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